Manuary.me is one of the most popular advanced bearding applications. The website hosts an app that allows you to use a photo of yourself and apply several different bearding styles to it. The app can be used in a wide range of ways - you can use it to consider which bearding styles are worth investing time and effort into, or you can also play around with the settings and create fun, goofy pictures.

Like any other application (like the also popular Mo’Stache Me app), you can use your pictures to measure your beards progress as you continue growing them out for both stylistic and/or charitable reasons.

The beard is an often underrated (except in November) style accessory for men. Some men have had their facial hair for what seems like ages, but the most experienced beard enthusiasts understand that beards are momentary. When revamping your appearance, a beard can provide a nice break from the usual. Facial hair costs a whole lot less than a new wardrobe and requires less commitment then a haircut.

What makes beards so great, and important in men’s fashion is their ability to transform the entire appearance. Similar to a mustache, each style of beard comes with its own statements and connotations in addition to being a great style accessory. The style of a beard carries much more potential than a mustache, thanks in no small part to its overall larger size. Due to covering so much surface area on the face, the beard is often used to accentuate or highlight various body types.

Beards not only aid in the creation of symmetry on the face (which is overall more aesthetically pleasing), it can also be used to hide or shift attention away from certain things, allowing a man to have a greater control in their appearance (similar to how make-up gives women a very nice canvas to work with when crafting their own styles). With great power comes great responsibility - a beard needs to be taken care of correctly, or they can detract from the presentation.

Make sure to clean it, and keep a few products to aid in your maintenance. Normal shampoos and conditioners work (as long as they aren’t super tough on dandruff), so no need to waste money on the extra expensive “beard shampoos.”

When you’re ready to decide what style works best for you, or simply want to experiment with some fun designs, Manuary.me is ready to beard you!


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